Wattage Selection:

Digital Lamps for Digital Ballasts


SunPulse® Lamps are the best in the world for:

  • Spectral efficiency
  • Proper UV delivery
  • Superior photo-chemical reactions in the light harvesting complex of the leaf
  • Proper chloroplast development
  • Inhibiting genetic drift
  • And more………

1000 Watt:

1000 w lamps are here! Built to better withstand the rugged, harsher environments that 1000w lamps are placed in. The Worlds only 1000 w HID lamp for multiple, certified, electronic ballasts.

600 Watt: 

600 w lamps are proven over and over again to provide high quality light, that behaves more like Sunlight would, and works on certified electronic ballasts.

400 Watt:

400 w Pulse Start Metal Halide Grow lamps provide high quality light for systems where these smaller wattage lamps are being used. Be the most efficient you can be with the fewest watts. 

250 Watt: 
250w lamps are amazing for smaller wattage applications. Check one out for yourself and see the quality and brilliant output of these HID lamps.

100 Watt & 150 Watt:
100-150 w Pulse Start Metal Halide lamps are Sun Pulse favorites. Be the most efficient with fewer watts, and be green in the process. Experience the difference a lamp retrofit makes with these small watt wonders. 

Important Notes:
The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) has set the reference for safety in lighting for decades. ANSI codes appear in lamp and ballast catalogs as the rating for which lamp goes with which ballast. Those ratings applied to 60 hertz magnetic ballasts and 60 hertz lamps. These ratings DO NOT apply to digital/electronic ballasts and digital lamps. ANSI ratings are for magnetic ballast and lamps only! There are no true ANSI ratings for HF electronic ballasts and digital lamps.

SunPulse  Lamps can be used on certified electronic ballasts and HPS magnetic ballasts.

Do not use SunPulse lamps with probe start Metal Halide magnetic ballasts. 

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