The SunPulse Splitter is a device that allows you to operate two 600 Watt SUNPULSE brand lamps. 
           SunPulse brand lamps ONLY, of any spectrum , off of one 1000 watt HPS ONLY S52 Core & Coil                 magnetic ballast. Switchable ballasts are NOT included in this category & should NOT be used.
If you have a Splitter / ballast compatibility question, please contact us through Contact us page.

SunPulse Splitters, as all SunPulse brand products are made with the highest quality materials available and should only be used with other high quality products to insure maximization of potential benefits.  Attempting to use low quality hoods, sockets, cords, connectors or ballast will hinder the added value benefits we strive to provide.

North America:

1000 Watt HPS S52 Ballasts.
The SunPulse Splitter is only for use with SunPulse brand lamps.
Do not attempt to use other brands of lamps in this product.
Do not use with electronic ballasts of any kind.
Tampering with, modifying or using other brand lamps with this product will void the warranty.  

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