Now available elliptical digital lamps

Our 3k is redder and more robust and the 10k is now boasting 96 CRI (Sun 100 CRI), the highest CRI of any grow lamp in the industry. These new lamps are ready to handle very high frequency ballast, as well as low to high frequency ballast.

  Here are some of the features of SunPulse brand elliptical HID lamps:

    • Superior color uniformity
    • Highest lamp efficiency  
    • Higher maintained light out put
    • Longer lamp life
    • Hot restart in less than half the time of old style lamps
    • 50% faster warm-up
    • Ellipsoid formed body arc tube–shaped to follow the curve of the digital arc stream and deliver superior lamp efficiency
    • Thicker outer glass jacket – for higher heat application without loss of UV output

Warranty for Sunpulse brand products will now be handled direct with manufacture by the end-user.  Please see warranty page for complete details.

We feel that by working with  the end-user direct on warranty, we will be able to better inform you with information, as well learn more to continue to bring you the fine products we make.
We also strives to make environmentally friendly choices whenever possible and feels that direct warranty between end-user and manufacturer will reduce shipping making a smaller carbon footprint.  

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