Kelvin Guide:
Kelvin Color Selection Guide

The Kelvin Color Temperature Scale is a measurement of discriminating colors for the human eye. Color temperatures over 5,000K are called cool colors (blue/white), while lower color temperatures (2,700–3,000 K) are called warm colors (yellow/white through red). This is a measurement for the human eye, but serves as a reference for helping consumers know which lamp to buy for which stage of growth.

 SunPulse® Lamps have been developed for living things; plants, people, reptiles, fish. Traditional lamps were made for human vision and relied on peaks of energy for the human eye.
SunPulse® understands not all growers can budget four lamps for every fixture, so the "one lamp system" means you could use the 3K for all stages of plant growth if needed. The 4K lamp can also be used. Your plants will get photo-chemical reactions with a SunPulse® lamp, 3K or 4K, that's more than could be achieved with any traditional lamp that was made for human vision.

3K Lamps

Recommend for the majority of flowering when growing annual plants.

4K Lamps
This is a Full Spectrum light good for all stages of growth.

6.4K Lamps
Popularly used for vegetative growth.

10K Lamps
Use during the last 1-2 weeks of flowering to allow better ripening and finishing.

SunPulse® Lamps all contain UVA - UVB and the upper portion of UVC
Exercise caution when working around any HID lamp that contains UV. Always wear protective lenses.
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