Commercial Greenhouse Lighting Solutions


Sunpulse Lamps offer full spectrum solutions for commercial greenhouses who run supplemental lighting. 

Commercial greenhouses traditionally ran HPS lights, because it was popularly accepted as being "good". Photo-biology and plant science have proven that HPS light is improper for natural plant development. (click here to read more). The new century has brought the death of the HPS lamp for horticulture. No longer can growers afford to pay money to make light that's only 22% of the Sun. Inefficiency is not sustainable.

SunPulse® Lamps can be easily retro-fitted into existing HPS magnetic ballasted systems, or used on select digital electronic ballasts.

Don't waste your money on over-priced Euro systems that still want to market that HPS is good for plants. Unusually high voltages that require special transformers are improper for the North American marketplace. Lamps have an operating voltage, and proper voltage delivery means proper lifetime on the lamps.

Installing the improper lamps or ballasts will mean more maintenance and higher operating costs. Our SunPulse lamp specialists can work with your greenhouse team to insure you have the right gear for your commercial needs.

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